Fool's Gold Lyrics

Track 02 // Ghost (On That Train)

Mei Lin Heirendt, Compassition Music | ASCAP

You promised me forever with you

Then you turned around and made me blue

Now I can see right through

The man I thought you were wasn't true


The day we finally said "I do"

You really made me think that I loved you

On your hand, one day, I saw so fine

A shiny new band that wasn't mine


Ghost is still wearing your hat on his head

Ghost is still bearing that ring painted red

And no matter how far it runs away

There's still a ghost on that train


You snuck away in the middle of the night

Leaving me without one goodbye

I'd like you to know I didn't cry

'Cause all you ever told me were lies


That train you hopped on had something wrong

I knew it wouldn't take it very long

For those loosened bolts to come undone and catch

Steering you liar off the tracks




As that lonesome locomotive began to fall

I didn't regret it at all

I believed it was written in the stars

Your actions shouldn't get you very far


That train it never really stopped

It's like you refused to get off

Your soul was stuck to your sin

You never guessed the danger you'd be in



track 04 // Take a look around

Mei Lin Heirendt, Compassition Music | ASCAP

There's a woman sitting on the side of the road

She's holding a battered sign

There's shame in her eyes


There's a young man, but his face looks aged and tired

Empty bottles at his feet

No job that he could keep


You could keep on walking

But the road needs blocking

You got to find what needs to be found

You'll never know how much it means

To do just one little thing

So take a look around


There's a mother with a baby in her arms

She's picking up bottles and cans

This isn't what she had planned


There's an old man sitting alone in the cafe

There are tears in his eyes

No one left in his life




There's a busy nurse working day and night

She's saving precious lives

But she's never satisfied


There's a singer pouring his heart out in the lines

But no one's listening

'Cause they've got other things on their mind



Track 08 // You COuld never Understand

Mei Lin Heirendt, Compassition Music | ASCAP

When you walked in through those jail room doors I was shackled all in chains

I had treated life so poorly, like it was all a game

I could see how much I hurt you when I looked into your broken eyes

When they told you how much this time, you said your last goodbye


You used to rock me in your lap and hold me oh so tight

You'd tell me all your childhood tales and tuck me in at night

You'd race with me through grassy fields and always let us tie

And you'd hold my hand while I said my prayers 'til the moon lit up the sky


I just want to see your smiling face

But I know it will never be the same

I've tried to do the best that I can

But I know you could never understand


As I sit here in this emptiness I can picture oh so well

Countless empty needles hiding on that shelf

I never meant to go this far, trust me, I've been through hell

You looked at me in the eye said you thought that you could help


You never thought you'd lose me, but there's where you went wrong

I tried to resist and struggled, I simply wasn't strong

The more I used, the more I hurt and I just wanted to die

Now when I look into the mirror I can't help but cry