Broken Compass Bluegrass (Current)

Jamgrass & Beyond!

Broken Compass is [L to R] Kyle Ledson, Mei Lin Heirendt, Sam Jacobs, & Django Ruckrich. Hot off the widely renowned stages of Northwest String Summit, Hangtown Music Festival, & Camp Deep End, this ambitious young band just finished recording their debut album Fool's Gold, set to release March 31st, 2023. 

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West 45 (Current)

Mashy, hard-driving traditional bluegrass

West 45 is a contemporary bluegrass band based in Northern California. They bring fresh energy to the stage with hard-driving grassy songs, dynamic fiddle tunes, tight harmonies, and soulful country numbers. The band consists of Ida Winfree (mandolin) and Mei Lin Heirendt (fiddle), who are prominent youth in the California bluegrass scene, as well as seasoned musicians Jason Winfree (guitar), Hal Horn (banjo), and Bruce Lacey (bass), all of whom have had experience playing in numerous bands.

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Boston Ravine (past)

Boston Ravine Bluegrass Band was formed in 2018 in Grass Valley, CA. The town, founded during the Gold Rush, was once known as Boston Ravine. The group includes Robert Heirendt (guitar, vocals), Mei Lin Heirendt (fiddle, mandolin, vocals), and Karl Chelette (bass). Steeped in traditional bluegrass, the band also brings their own interpretations of contemporary bluegrass, country, and gospel into their mix. Sometimes playing as a trio, sometimes as a full band with special guests, Boston Ravine has captivated audiences at several venues including California WorldFest. 

Their first album, Ragged Road (released 4/23/21), was recorded in multiple home studios across the country in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The album features special guests Adam Haynes (The Grascals), Pete Grant, Kathy Barwick, Max Schwartz, and Tessa Schwartz. Boston Ravine combined traditional, contemporary, and original music into a sound that is completely their own, highlighting five original songs and fiddle tunes. They are set to play multiple CD release shows in Fall of 2021, before closing their time together as a band.