Coming Spring 2023: Enough - Single

WRITTEN BY: Mei Lin Heirendt (Compassition Music / ASCAP)
ARRANGED BY: Mei Lin Heirendt & Patrick M'Gonigle
ENGINEERED BY: Adam Haynes, Shaun Richardson, Joshua Lee Turner, Eli Gilbert, & Kyle Poppen
MIXED BY: Adam Haynes (Eagles Nest Audio, Portland, TN)
MASTERED BY: Chris Latham (The Gorillas Nest, Ashland City, TN)

GUITAR: Shaun Richardson
BASS: Joshua Lee Turner
MANDOLIN: Maddie Witler
BANJO: Max Allard



When she wakes up she hits her head on the stars
When she goes to sleep, so many goals to meet, never gets far
Trying, working, thinking, fighting all day
But nothing's paid off, oh, just fake it tough, dreams roll away

The secrets she hides are not satisfied with this life
Words stain her soul, she's always been told, "well, you tried"
Tears fly away, there's nothing to say but just
What do you do when your best isn't enough?

This time for sure she can prove herself
Exhausted and hurt, she's always yearned for luck to be dealt
Every time she tries it doesn't follow through
Well each try's denied and she's starting to believe it's true

Hard on herself, she can't mess it up
It's not black and white, but she thinks it's right, losing trust
Someone else lights up the world instead
Jealous and broken, she walks home and buries her head

Watch: Mei Lin Heirendt & Friends at Night of Giving

Night of Giving is an annual benefit concert for Hospitality House, the local homeless shelter in Grass Valley, CA. Mei Lin brought (from left to right) Sean Kerrigan, Django Ruckrich, Rita Hosking, & Cassidy Joy together for a mini set at the Center for the Arts. Skip to 1:43:35 to watch Mei Lin's set. Click the image or button below to watch.